6686319265_3f0398fa3b_m[1]Seth graduated from Emory University in Atlanta with a passion to engage a world that needs Jesus and promote the gospel in creative ways. He has served with Cru for the last 15 years leading worship and sharing the gospel around the world for thousands of people from all walks of life. He has led worship multiple years for Cru’s U.S. staff conference at CSU, regional winter conferences for college students in San Diego and Minneapolis, Christian Legal Society’s national conference and more.  He is a recording artist and songwriter who loves training others to exalt christ on every stage. Seth lives in Indiana with his wife Laura and three kids.

My Story 

As a pastor’s kid and a believer from age 4, it’s been a long journey. Apathy then legalism, failure, and guilt, have all tried to define me. But the love of God, through Jesus Christ, has triumphed in my life. I know I’m his child now and my wonder at his goodness grows with each passing year! I’ve made it my mission to live with all my heart, mind, soul, and strength for my heavenly Father and to make him known. 

3 thoughts on “Bio”

  1. Hi Seth!
    Got a weird one for you! My name is Chris Llewellyn and I sing in a band called Rend Collective. Years ago my friend, Nicole Khail(who you may know actually), introduced me to your song “Goodness of God” and I was blown away. Just the sense of honesty, intimacy and songcraft was special to me…but then I forgot all about it becuase my brain is like a sieve!

    Yesterday, however, I was reminded of your song and wondered if this was part of some crazy plan that God has for us. I love the song as is, but I feel like there are a few tweaks that could take it over the edge of awesome and make it more “rend-able”. I really the song has already been published and written for years but my what I’m proposing is the chance to open up the song for a re-write for consideration on our upcoming record.
    Is this something you would be interested in? Is this something your publishing company would allow? Is it legal

    If you can let me know your thoughts on these things as soon as possible, it would be helpful as our deadline for the record is fast approaching!

    If nothing else, please know that you have crafted something wonderful, beautiful and worshipful. Thank you for this song that has blessed me and my family.

    God Bless,


  2. Hi, my name is Débora and I’m from São Luís – Brazil. I got to know some songs that you’re playing as an auto and I’m blown away. I looked so hard for a group called “King’s Choir” but in my country it only shows a choir that I believe has nothing related to you, but anyway… I just wanted to thank and congratulate you for such beautiful lyrics and melodies. There are some likes on youtube and I feel like I’ve found a treasure. Jesus bless your life and those who are with you. May your desire to make Christ known to all not cease, one day we will all be in heaven singing to our King.

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