We were trying to put this page together in a way that made sense and we realized there was no simple way to do it. There are so many things I am passionate about that even when I was trying to neatly package and box in myself I had a hard time doing it. It also seems that my life is at a crossroads yet again.

My wife Laura and have been performing as a couple for the last year. It has been fun and challenging traveling with our daughter Vivian, who was born Oct ’08, a month before we launched our band, but we managed to go on several tours, record a short CD, make some fun t-shirts, and have a blast. In April we are expecting our second child, a boy, and that will definitely limit what we will be able to do as a band.

Another thing I am passionate about is writing songs and helping others write songs. There is nothing like jamming with someone and pushing the creative process until you come up with a song you and others enjoy. The songs I like writing don’t have to be primarily about God, but in my opinion since He is the source of all life it all flows back and forth to Him and from Him and it is all connected.

I also love worshiping and helping others worship God. This past summer I had the awesome opportunity to lead my fellow staff in worship at our national staff conference in Colorado. After Christmas I was at the San Diego Christmas Conference with an amazing group of students leading worship. In a couple days Laura and I are headed to Spain to lead worship at another conference. It is so fun to work with people using our gifts to glorify God.

So, the long and short of it is that I am going to put my life and my interest on display for the glory of God. Keep checking in for stories, pointers on song writing, and worship resources.

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